It’ll Be Okay

        Ever woken up on the wrong side of the bed? I remember there was a morning just a few weeks ago where I woke up feeling pretty bad.  I went around the day being rude to my friends and to others just because Katie Jedamski (ahem…in case you didn’t know….that’s me) was having a bad day. I didn’t care what I said or did to anyone, because it was all about me!

I said mean things.

I gave dirty looks.

I gave silent treatments.

I had a I-gave-a-huff-and-a-puff-and-I’ll-blow-your-house-down kind of attitude.

Think of anything else which was considered unpleasant and I probably did it! I was miserable! And the weirdest thing is I didn’t even know why I was having such a tough day!

I remember I was walking back to my dorm later that night to get ready for bed, I heard God say, “Peace I give to you, not as the world give do I give to you.” I stopped right in my tracks.

        God gives me peace? I thought to myself, Even when I’m miserable? Where was this supposedly peace earlier today? Because I sure didn’t feel it! And I continued to walk.

And I realized something right as I said that: The reason why I didn’t see God’s peace is that I didn’t take a moment to take a hold of that peace that God has already given to me. You can’t receive a gift if you don’t take it. Did your parents ever given you a gift and you didn’t take it? You can’t receive a birthday present or a Christmas present if you do not take a hold of it and unwrap it. God’s peace is a gift that is waiting to be unwrapped.

The peace that God has given to us is there for the taking. He’s already given it to us. “Peace I give to you.” It’s not to be given in the future, but it’s already been given. Even if you don’t take it, it’s still there to be waiting to be grasped.


About selflessacrifice

I love Jesus! I want to be an example to young people and women. Learning to die to myself and live for Christ. It's a hard process, but I know the outcome will be beautiful!
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